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Thread: Non stop crying and whinging on people

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    I cannot believe the amount of some people you tolerate to cry about cheating and hacking.

    When these people get frustrated in the game they go for cheat and hack explanation to justify their own little whinging and crying and sometimes I wonder whether they stamp their feet whilst they do it.

    These 'people' (and it is always the same people too....) keep crying about the so called cheat or hack of the replay video and stating many members, it is funny because so far only 2 people were named.

    And it is well known they are E-Bullies, apparently they go around people's kik uninvited and start bullying which is quite scary if you'd asked me.

    Yesterday I got attacked by a top 50 player, replay shows end result of 62% but the player actually cleared nearly the entire base..and the video ticks every second till the absolute end am I reporting this player, NO because I do have a braincell that works and realize that the video replays are unreliable due to experience of the game and players attack of the past.

    It is tiring to hear from them

    Also after my post in the subforum community post, this creature send me a PM, I mean how unnecessary and it doesn't make any sense, I mean my 9 year old niece makes more sense.

    Kind regards,

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    For privacy reasons, we don't tolerate players publicly accusing other of playing unfairly. Please use the report button in-game to report such posts. Also, we would appreciate if you remind any players who do this that they can send an email to so we can investigate the matter.

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