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Thread: Help!!!!!!! Clarification needed please, Thx!

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    Help!!!!!!! Clarification needed please, Thx!

    1. What does 0 crowns bases mean when I try to attack? I know I will not get any crowns even if I win.

    But I also know it's also not cos he or she has lower crowns than me. There is a daily attacker on my kingdom who has Over 200 crowns more than me, still gets 5 crowns from me each time he attacks me. He has around 2,370 crowns. And I have 2,130 crowns.

    2. How or when will we get a shield after being attacked?

    Same attacker attacks me for more than 50 percent and I never get a shield from him. He has been attacking me almost daily for past week and wins, it has recently increased to 2 attacks per day. Even when he loots almost 600,000 of gold or spellstones, still no shield even after he has won more than 50 percent. He is the only attacker where I never get a shield from, even when he wins each time.

    Would appreciate any clarification re the above. Thanks!

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    Kiraracatdemon, I like to see your answer on this one. A attacker than can lower the shields?

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    From what I understand it is a hack. It came in around the same time as the always online stuff and the attacks that never show up in your attack log. I've never heard of someone using it to farm tho. Only in crowning.
    Idk how it is done but I'll see if i can find out. Not a techy tho so it might not be a good explanation.

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    And oops! Does it sound like I think I have an answer for everything. Don't mean it that way. Just trying to get this forum more active.
    The number of crowns thing I'm not sure on...are you better upgraded than him?

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    Thx for ur reply. He's mainly crowning, but Prob needs resources too to train troops

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    What I am trying to ask is not technical, But 1. How are crowns calculated when we come across bases to attack. 2. What criteria needs to be met before we get a shield from being attack

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    K.. Here's what I found out so far.
    Basically they attack and win with one device. Say 52%. U should get a shield. Right?
    Then they come back with another device. IPad and iPhone register different % it seems.
    So they can attack again.
    There was something about attacking with a lower level acct first to empty your portal as well.
    Do yu have a low level attack just before on any of them?
    Also there is some way they do this that even with say 48% they are getting crowns.
    Again, I'm not a techy, just know some. So im prob not telling it quite right.
    Basically they are taking advantage of a glitch is what I'm getting from it.

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    Thx for ur reply. She claims she attacks me daily, n recently increased to twice daily cos I m apparently the only base offering her crowns. Rest are all 0. She has 200 more crowns than me. She has almost 2350 crowns, n I 2147. Makes no sense. No, in past 10 days or so, she's my only attacker. Eventho she gets more than 50 percent each time, never a shield. Thus I asked for clarification re the 2 above points. Re what does it tske before an attack leaves us a shield, n how are crowns calculate when we fight

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    We have had a few players that have lost when attacked and not received a shield. I don't think it is one player because my attack was from someone with lower that 1900 crowns.

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    Thx Vicky, same here, thus just wanted to know what are the criterias in an attack, before we get a shield.

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