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Thread: Castle Story: 05/22/2014 EVENT: Infiltrate The Pyre Caverns

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggwynn View Post
    Edit (maguar)

    Bijou Dragon - Sparkling Egg
    Picture of an adult Bijou Dragon for reference:

    Note: 22 hour recharge for drops.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stuffedmounts View Post
    Can you explain this? Hatching the egg completes the quest line and you have to hatch to place the dragon in your kingdom. So how do you hatch multiple matrix dragons without hatching them? Or am I missing something here? Thanks.
    I hatched my dragons but the quest line remains incomplete. Here's how it looks:

    As long as I don't feed my baby Matrix dragons the craft to hatch Ultramarine eggs, the snow exchange and the lapis lazuli adventure remain.

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    Started the 200 jewel thing half an hour ago. I had 99 jewels and ten treasure troves. After chopping them and collecting from jewelers and mines, I have 146 jewels with coal to craft 8 more. Since I will keep collecting troves and can start chopping rocks, it seems entirely possible to get 46 more jewels over the next couple of days. Hope this is helpful info to people considering whether to attempt it.

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    Despite the fact that I've only received the Pyre egg, I am finding this timed quest lots of fun. Yes, it is eating into my resources--fortunately, I had a number of vital essences and some dragon scales and mithril that got me started.

    I understand that people may feel that the drop rates are "unfair", but that seems to be me inherent in the drops being random.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdmcrjunkie View Post
    I hatched my dragons but the quest line remains incomplete. Here's how it looks: (img)

    As long as I don't feed my baby Matrix dragons the craft to hatch Ultramarine eggs, the snow exchange and the lapis lazuli adventure remain.
    THANK-YOU so much for that pic!! - clears it all up...
    Now if I could just get the first ultramarine egg! Lol
    *25th & 26th shake & roll of the dice ....* lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beleriand View Post
    I just got my second egg (ultramarine), I got both from the queens court. It took 22 quests 23 if you count the first one to set off the quests. I'm off to Polaris north. Keep on trucking everyone. My last post I was crying and now I am re-motivated. In 8 days this will all be over and we can get back to normal. It's a long weekend here plus our wedding anniversary and of course this lovey new quest!
    You are so right! We still have 7 days! We've all got this! Happy Anniversay! It's mine too!!! Yay too us!
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    Ok, I am so depressed. I have refrained from complaining about my lack of receiving eggs or this whole rare drop rate. Got a pyre egg after 20ish trips, yeah for me. Last night I only needed 3 pyre crystals to hatch my egg. On my adv I received 2 pyre Crystal and the ultramarine egg...yeah for me again!! Couple things. First the quest to hatch the egg started automatically. I would have waited to start the quest since I am leaving town, but OK I can deal. I did not have enough gingerbread to Adv to Polaris North so I went to my kitchen and stated baking. Meanwhile I did another Pyre cave adventure. All was good in my Kingdom so I settled for good nights sleep.
    I woke early today excited to get my gingerbread and start the adv to Polaris North. First I collected from my castle but the Pol North Adv wasn't there so I looked at my quest and it still said I did not have the Ultramarine egg?!?!
    Maybe I dreamed the whole thing? So desperate for another egg I imagined it all. Well, I took a trip to my kitchens and what did I have, 2 gingerbread. So what happened!? I thought maybe there was a glitch and when I collected again from my castle it would be there. Nope. HELP!!
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    Oh Evritta, that sucks! I hope TL can find your egg. Or that you get it again soon.

    Still adventuring here. Down to my last Mithril but doing the exchange in hope to get some more, last time it didn't. I am going to keep questing till the days are done, I mean one of these days I will get my other two, right? Right?

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    With the reideat i was stingy onmy FREE gems, and ended up with nothing. This time, i send t a quest even if it costs me 8 gems every other quest or two out of three. Still waiting on two eggs but hoping for the best. Missing three pyre crystals and i am ready to hatch flare.
    Am i frustrated,a bit, but i am also having fun. My kitchens are sitting in wait for instructions, and in the mean time i am stockpiling flour and sugar and chocolate. My workshops and potion shops are inactive for fear of using some resource that will be necessary the minute i finally get the eggs.
    But i am having a blast.
    Now if the seeds would just drop, all would be well.

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    Right, knuffel!

    Guys, I am so excited! After three jewelers exchanges yesterday that did not yield a mithril, I thought I was headed for a second day of not being able to do the adventure... and then my deep mine dropped a mithril! So I was able to go on an adventure this morning and I got the pyre egg! Yay!!!!!! I was really worried I would not get any eggs, I am just thrilled to get this.

    I sent my knights out on one of regular adventure yesterday and they brought back a few gems, so I am able to go on one more pyre adventure now! And if I am really lucky, maybe my latest jeweler's trade will bring back a mithril and that will get me a third adventure today!

    Good luck everyone!

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