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Thread: Castle Story: 05/22/2014 EVENT: Infiltrate The Pyre Caverns

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    yea, me too. I gave a lot of resources, not just the silver, jewels and adament. just want them back if i don't get any egg.

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    Also stuck without egg like most ppl after countless adventures resources and insane amounts of time. I spend gems on finishing the quest early and so on. It's quite upsetting still not to get all three eggs. And I was one of the lucky ones with a large amount of resources it really should have been enough.

    But what I wanted to say is: Somehow I misunderstood and also it has usually been like this: if you miss the time frame you can still spend the gems and finish the task when the task has expired. Instead the new quest came up and now we are stuck PLUS don't have the option to buy with gems anymore.
    I was kinda relying on this and even though I was frustrated to not have gotten the egg I was prepared to spend the gems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meme1098 View Post
    Yep...but it just takes longer to get those items in the timed part. That's why I check each step (on page 1) and before I do anything to trigger that timed portion make sure I have everything needed ahead of time if possible.
    I do the same but the 200 jewels is killing me.

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    Time expired and no Bijou egg. Is there anyway to still get it?

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    I have all my eggs plus an extra, but would like to put in my 2 cents.. TL the resource glitch is not the fault of the player and I think everyone that cashed in their items should get an egg because the game indicted that they had one. I was pretty excited that I was able to get all the eggs pretty early in the quest. I'm usually way behind on these random drop quests because it takes forever for me to get the random drops (I'm still trying to do the troll thing and that's been going on forever-also have 3 regular dragon eggs that I've been waiting on embers to hatch for about a year) so I understand how disappointed the players were after sending out so many adventures and failing to get their eggs. There should have at least been a cap on the number of adventures you had to go on before obtaining all the eggs.
    Fingers crossed that TL will listen and give you all your well deserved dragons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harleymom1000 View Post
    Time expired and no Bijou egg. Is there anyway to still get it?
    Unless TL decides to make the eggs or dragons available at a later date in the market, then no.
    That's what the 10-day time limit was FOR -- finding the eggs.

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    I see Kooky's on line.

    When the egg goal was tapped finished, it moved to the next portion of the goal but after completing up to placing the egg, players do not have an egg to place.

    Can you find out for everyone in this position (me included with the ultramarine egg) if all those resources have now been wasted? And will we get the egg or are we just SOL?
    Thanks for your help, Kooky!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthWoodsKingdom View Post
    Each of those Polaris North adventures gives you more snow than you can get in the Exchange.
    So, since there is no *bonus* reward for completing 4 adventures in 2 days, even if you only go on 2, you'll still get more snow than 2 trades in the Exchange. Make sense? (Sorry, I don't know the exact numbers. Someone else posted them earlier in this thread somewhere).
    Quote Originally Posted by tuskmage View Post
    Doing the Nose Goes = Adventure to Polaris North x 4 = 32 hrs, will give us chance to collect up to 48 forever snow and some of the stuff that give us from the adventure. Instead of sitting around waiting for the guest to expried in 48 hrs before we could move forward for the forever snow trading only.
    Thank you so much to you both! I really appreciate the help I decided I had to skip the Polaris adventure in order to maximize my chances of a 3rd egg! Which I was unlucky with. Now I am currently making my own forever snow in the exchange

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    This is my first post, but I've been stalking the boards for the last month and a half.

    I also thought I'd been award my missing egg (the ultramarine) this morning. Luckily it isn't a huge resource loss (I just started making gingerbread and hot chocolate) before I came on here and saw that others were reporting this glitch too. That said, if TL is compensating for the error, I'd like the egg too.

    My story: Worked like mad to get to level 28 before the start of this event. I had 5 mithrel in inventory and no dragon scales (I was just at the point of trying to get Sabina release). I had to use jems to even start this event. Initially I was pretty made about it and let a day go on before I decided to give it a go anyway, even with having to use jems (that I was saving to buy a mithrel dragon). Anyway, long story short, I got the pyre dragon on my 6th trip, got the pyre dragon again on my 7th trip (but couldn't keep it bc first egg wasn't hatched yet. Got some additional mithrel drops from my one deep mine and got two in exchanges, got some dragon scales on adventures, still spent lots of jems in this quest. Even quit until I got scales in the second drop from my adult pyre dragon.

    Got the sparkly egg on this last Friday night. Truth be told it was not the egg that I wanted (even though it is a beautiful dragon) - but in all of the troves, I'd only gotten 2 big diamonds. And the follow-up quests are not as much fun as the quests for the ultramarine egg, IMO. So sparkly egg will be in inventory for some time before I either get those diamonds from a deep mind or build up jems to skip that step.

    I will be interested to see what, if anything, TL does on this glitch.

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    well done to everyone who got their eggs.

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