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Thread: Receiving more tickets than card is worth

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    Receiving more tickets than card is worth

    To whom it may concern,

    Although I usually enjoy this game (despite the occasional and inexplicable loss of tickets for no reason), I feel like the experience would be a *lot* better if achieving bingos on cards resulted in winning more tickets than the cards were worth (at least 1 or 2). After a certain point there are only cards that are worth 7 tickets available to play, and considering that it's rare to win more than one (if that) card per game, it would be beneficial to know that achieving bingos (especially multiple ones) will result in extra tickets, and a higher chance that you'll be able to afford to play again. Otherwise, it feels pointless and you start to lose interest.

    Just something to keep in mind!


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    Yeah that would be great! Now you just get back the number of tickets that you've spent.
    And with multiple bingos on one card you just get tickets once..

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    In other bingo apps you get bonus credits (tickets etc) for finishing in the top 3, this would be a good thing to add

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