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Thread: Do Not Like Block Neighbor Button

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    On one of the two Restaurant Story games I play, (originally loaded on IPhone) when I go to clear Neighbor posts on my Wall I get two buttons that show up one is BLOCK and the other is DELETE.
    These buttons are so close together I am really afraid that I may unintentionally block a neighbor rather than clearing messages from my wall.

    My other game that is loaded on my IPad does not have this.

    Why do I have this and How Can I GET RID OF IT? If you want to add the feature to block neighbors then add it to the edit function under the neighbors tab in Social.

    Please this is really not working for me!

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    Hey clkbc, sorry to hear about your inconvenience. We recently implemented the Blocking Feature on the iOS Version 1.7.1 for only Restaurant Story and Bakery Story, and we have a guide of how to Block a User and Manage your Block List located right HERE. You may not have this feature on your iPad because you have not yet updated your game on that device. We'll let our developers know about your feedback and suggestion regarding this feature. Sorry again for the inconvenience.
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    Most of the people you want to block are not neighbors. So adding the block feature to the neighbor list won't work in all cases.

    I guess 99% of the time people hit the delete button on a wall post they will want to delete the post to clean up their wall rather than block the poster.

    Maybe have the two buttons on the wall post rather than a new popup. If there is an issue about tapping the wrong button, have a confirmation for blocking the person, but no confirmation for deleting the wall post.

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