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Thread: [iOS & Android] New Block Feature in Limited Games!

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    Kindle won't get block feature. Sadly, bs and rs have not gotten a developer content update since at least 2014. You will get the basic goal and new appliance Wednesday Updates, but none of the other bells and whistles. I know this because my reply from the S8 about why our games were so behind was: [removed support response]

    Hope that answers your question.
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    I second the above message please please please can we have a block button on Farm story 2

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    Yes for blocking

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    Please add a block button to Farm Story 2 .
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    One odd thing I have found is that when trying to post a birthday message to a neighbour's sister it told me I was blocked yet I'd never had any communication with that player before! A pity but there you go... How can you be blocked if you aren't a neighbour? That rather upsets the way we become friends in the first place.

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    How can i block a person from posting on my wall in bakery story

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    So I'm dying to know if the BLOCK feature is available for Android? I see it says only for iOS...seriously?

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    Yes and the versions are no longer available on Android to have access to the block feature.. Android needs a block feature Pronto

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