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Thread: [iOS & Android] New Block Feature in Limited Games!

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    Kindle won't get block feature. Sadly, bs and rs have not gotten a developer content update since at least 2014. You will get the basic goal and new appliance Wednesday Updates, but none of the other bells and whistles. I know this because my reply from the S8 about why our games were so behind was: [removed support response]

    Hope that answers your question.
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    I second the above message please please please can we have a block button on Farm story 2

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    Yes for blocking

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    Please add a block button to Farm Story 2 .
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    One odd thing I have found is that when trying to post a birthday message to a neighbour's sister it told me I was blocked yet I'd never had any communication with that player before! A pity but there you go... How can you be blocked if you aren't a neighbour? That rather upsets the way we become friends in the first place.

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    How can i block a person from posting on my wall in bakery story

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    So I'm dying to know if the BLOCK feature is available for Android? I see it says only for iOS...seriously?

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    Yes and the versions are no longer available on Android to have access to the block feature.. Android needs a block feature Pronto

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    Please, please, PLEASE make the block button available on Android...‼️ I have a stalker who's been making the game an utter misery for me, to the point I'm not logging in again now until Easter. We should be able to play these games in peace and enjoyment, but some people are just AWFUL!!

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    Not available for android ..

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