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Thread: [iOS & Android] New Block Feature in Limited Games!

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    Hey everyone, we just added this into the newest version of Dragon Story! Be sure to download Dragon Story 1.9.4 from the App Store!

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    Great feature - I would love to see the block and delete button further apart..or it to say " edit. Delete "... Instead " block ...delete " since 99.9% will be delete only so only 1 step needed to clear each message ..and if/when you ever use block , you would need to hit edit , then second tab for block to work it ...

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    Look team lava, i cant block peeps and i want the update to were if i click the x then it will give me a option to either delete the message or block this person

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    WHEN WILL YOU GIVE US THE BLOCK FEATURE FOR ANDROID!!!???? Come on Team Lava! So unfair! I am going to have to uninstall again, I believed when it came out for ios it would come out for Android soon after and it has been a few updates now. What is the deal??!! Not cool at all to just blow off us Android users like that. I am VERY disappointed.

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    Can you extend the block feature to include neighbor requests? I have a friend who has rejected neighbor requests from the same user at least a dozen times.

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    I need that option on other games I have got spammed once and could not stop her .
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    When will you be adding this wonderful feature to fashion story?

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    Thank you for implementing the block button. And for making it possible to unblock people you have blocked accidentally by hitting the wrong button.

    It's a step towards making these games a bit safer.

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    Hope it will be in pet shop story soon and android
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    Okay! It looks like this new Block feature is great for deleting ALL the posts on your own wall when they have a lot
    I think we need a button where we can just clear our wall for good
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