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Thread: Connection Issues / Lost Tickets

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    This just happened to me = AGAIN. Had 80 tickets. Started game. Other player was supposed to break but they didn't so I got it. Then immediately went to waiting for opponent. After almost the entire time the game came back, replayed my break and the other player started hitting ball. Then it again said waiting for opponent. then the screen said there were probems with the connection. Then it disconnected me, and took 20 tickets. And I was recorded as losing. WTH? How come this never happens in my favor and how come it keeps happening??? And how come there is no way to send an email from the game on this? When are you going to fix these issues? How about making the player with connection issues the loser instead of me?

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    Happens frequently! Even worse is what also happened 5 times allready to me. I won the tournament and never received the coins. 3 x 7200 and 2 x 2400.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grammaLuLu View Post
    So this was a problem in July of 2013. November of 2014 & issues still not fixed.
    Come on update the game its now 2015

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    Similar things have happened to me. 😤 It's not just irritating, it infuriates me! 😡😩

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    It's happening again. The game tells me that I am waiting on my opponent and then I get a notice that since I disconnected the game was forfeited. It seems like this has been fixed and now it's back. And on top of that we lose the game and a turn to play. Why can't you make it that if an opponent loses connectivity they lose? That would be more fair than what is happening.

    And while I am commenting I may as well state that I absolutely hate playing the computer players. Why don't you stop that as well? I would rather wait and come back another time when players are busy than play a computer.

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    Has this game been abandoned or something? The last update was a year ago and it just has the feel of an app that was left to die. The glitches are absolutely insane. I've lost easily 40,000 coins from tournaments that I've been kicked out of after the app crashed, and it seems like there are only AIs available to play. Is this game dead or just neglected?

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    For me the Connection Issues are Not only to blame to the app. It happended to me very often that e.g. in a Tournament i win the semi-final and just after the Black is in the hole, the Connection error occurs. Mostly very Good Players can't lose and press the home Button just in that Moment the Black goes in. They hope that then an Connection failur occurs. They ruine my Tournament and the that of the second Finalist because when he comes to the final no Player is there to Play with. He can wait endless.

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