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Thread: My Quest Outpost Is Frozen

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    My Quest Outpost Is Frozen

    I can see my fire dragon just a walking around on my quest outpost and when I click on it nothing happens it's like it's not registering that I'm tapping on it.
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    Quest post stuck

    Since the Easter event finished a short while ago, my questing post appears to be stuck.

    To begin with I tapped on the quest post and it told me "no quests available in this category" despite the category being "all". I force closed and restarted the game and now when I tap on the quest post my Forest dragon is standing on the balcony (clicking on the icon in its habitat also takes me to the quest post, despite it no longer saying questing) and the quest icon no longer displays. The post will highlight gold to show it is selected but only the usual Travel, Storage and Market items are displaying. Any suggestions?

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    I'm having the same problem.. Don't know what to do..

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    Please force close and restart your game. This will resolve this for you.

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    Thanks.. Problem solved..

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    My quest outpost doesn't have the option to start another quest anymore. I force closed the game and opened it again but the problem was still there.

    Just tried again. Here is the picture of my problem.

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    Same problem here. It's just glowing. No option to begin a quest. Have tried force closing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 12amos View Post
    Same problem here. It's just glowing. No option to begin a quest. Have tried force closing.
    Me too

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    I just notice this in my game. (I just updated my IOS to 7.1.1)
    I will report this over.
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    I am having the same problem.

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