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Thread: Idea for left-over stuff (Arrowheads, Templar Helms, Platinum Ingots, etc)

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    Idea for left-over stuff (Arrowheads, Templar Helms, Platinum Ingots, etc)

    Even when I collect enough items to craft a dragon (e.g. Arrowheads for the Amazon Dragon) I always have some stuff left, because I never manage to collect enough for a second dragon. So my storage is cluttered with things I have no use for.

    Here's my idea: These left-over items could be used in the Spell Shop to craft Spell Scrolls or Nether Dust.
    For example 20 left-over items of any kind = 1 Spell Scroll

    What do you think?

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    You might want to check out the ideas in this thread as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by maguar View Post
    You might want to check out the ideas in this thread as well
    Thanks for the link!

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    I really like the idea of being able to Recycle these left over parts! I've accumulated loads of bits and pieces, but never enough to make any of these tournament-won dragon types. They could create a whole group of "common" dragons even. Recycled Dragons - plastics, papers, glass, etc etc - could be very clever.

    Or they could just do something that allows us to Craft these pieces into Decorations, rather than Dragons - either way, the Recycling would be a great solution.

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    who want to trade those excess materials in our storage for a dragon????

    I wish TL come up with something like we can trade those unwanted materials in our storage like Midnnight Mace, Platinum Ingot, Venetian Mask, Spirit Scythe, Amber Piece, Arrowhead,Morningstar, bluebells and rest of unwanted stuff in our storage room.

    What do you think my Dear Neighbor. like trade it for a new dragons or food maybe...


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    I woudl love these, I have piles of Venetian Masks sitting in my storage. TL, bring on the junk dragon!

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    I also have so many parts in stock:

    Yes would be nice if one could sell or could be exchanged for gold.
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    I vote for food! At least a practical reason to have those leftovers in our invFood or delete!

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    Or maybe some spells? I always thought the spell tab in the crafting shop could use some.
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    Unless the crafting for certain dragons makes a comeback, I don't want to be reminded of my failed crafting attempts. I think trading for food or gold.

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