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Thread: Wouldn't It Be Cute If...

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    Wouldn't It Be Cute If...

    The Single Scoop (ice cream) Tables came in different colors? Like a chocolate scoop, vanilla scoop, etc. I would love to match them with the Neapolitan counters (even though it does have two pink sides and no chocolate lol). I just loved the ice cream update so much, I would burst with giddiness if TL expanded on it

    I still want the return of the Ice Cream Sofa and hope TL would bring it back so I can buy a bazillion of them. I would fill my bakery with them if the darn bots would figure out that sofas = areas where you can sit lol.

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    I think different colours and assortments of tables and chairs is a good idea. But they shouldn't cost any extra like some of the differently coloured basic ovens.

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