hi there,
as i can c there are some expression templates within a game (the "hey", "whoa" and "thanks" bubbles), but the variety is very limited.
i rather would like to c that there can be a "chat bar" at the top or bottom.
i mean, as this is a very very very nice pool game (for me it's the best one till now!), it is like, i would like to hang out in this pool saloon for a while (like real),
and have a chat with this opponent within a game, that would b great if i can do this.
of course, this is an option for anyone by him/herself? (i mean? just a button to toggle between "talk" and "don't talk").

but now? it is like rush in hell? pay for your game, play your game in a very limited time, try to express urself with the few choices before game ends, win or loose & go home?. & then pay again?
that's some sort of? "empty"? (sorry, can't find the right word?)

hope this is something it's able to do? & it's within the "reason" for this game.

thanks a lot for your effort anyway? it's a great game!!!