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Thread: Game Crashing Again

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    Game Crashing Again

    Every time I play a regular game or the Cupid?s Cove event, the game crashes and closes at the end, bringing me to the home screen on my iPhone. This has been happening since yesterday and all day today. Is anyone else having this problem?

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    Yep, ever since I did the last update, every time I do not pass a level in the regular game it crashes to my home screen on my iPad without getting any credit for the proper taffy tickets.

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    auch ich habe dieses problem seit gestern.bringt das doch bitte wieder in ordnung,danke

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    Right, no taffy tickets and I had two hours of unlimited lives from reaching the gift box before it started crashing so that was completely useless to me since it was doing it on the Cupid?s cove event too. Mine is still doing it today (day 3 of crashing) 😬

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    This is getting annoying. It?s definitely crashing after every level. I tried to reinstall and it?s still doing it. Is support looking at this???

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    I am having these problems too. I try and play a game and at the end of the game it boots me off to my homepage on my iPad, and I have lost any tickets won during the game. Any help available please?

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    This has been fixed earlier. Feel free to reach out to Support: support form if you have questions on your account. Thanks.

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    Thanks, the game is glitch free for me now

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    Hi, the problem has started again, the game won’t open, and I get booted back to my homepage. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slymepit View Post
    Hi, the problem has started again, the game won?t open, and I get booted back to my homepage. Any help would be appreciated.
    Please contact support for assistance. See support link in my signature.
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