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Thread: 7th Farm IOS and Android

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    It's not available on my both account, .

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    Do we know when it will be available to everybody?

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    Aw, no 7th farm for me. Bummer! I really need more farms!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaTy22 View Post
    any confirmed 7th farm on android-device?
    I was going to ask the exact same question. Were they only on IOS?

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    So, I bought my 7th farm.
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    Not really a fan of adding more farms, just wish the farms we have could produce more food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cquinn32 View Post
    Not really a fan of adding more farms, just wish the farms we have could produce more food.
    I agree!! I need my space for habitats, not farms. I'm good with 6.

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    I only keep one Dragon of each so plenty of room for habitats and since I really want my dragons to be epic I only need 2 things. A second evolution temple to upgrade them and farms to produce enough. I stopped feeding my dragons 3 weeks ago just evolved the ones waiting so I have a nice stack of apples now but it's only a fraction of what I need. So PLEASE give me that 7th farm.
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    As usual, there is always some people who got more luck than others
    Like for mining island.
    Not fair for those who don't have the 7th farm

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    I got it on one account, my lucky one, and not the other. I don't really think it depends on level since the account that got it was the one at a lower level. Just luck of the draw I guess. The account that got it is also the one that is luckier at breeding diamond dragons. Hopefully it will become available to everyone soon. ��

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