I have a question about our individual "Island Goals." Do we ever run out of goals? I am assuming that we do. Each time I complete one, it seems that a new one pops up, which is fine, but I wonder if there are people who have completed all their island goals and don't have anymore save for the ones that we get each event.

Also, how much importance do you place on completing the goals? When an account is new, it seems important to complete them for XP and coin rewards, but at higher levels it just doesn't matter much to me anymore. However, I realized that I have been playing for 3 or 4 years on my oldest account and still have a ton of dragons that I have thus far been unable to breed on any of my three accounts. You would think after 3 years I would have most of them. Then again, I haven't really prioritized some of them. Some I don't have on any accounts include Turquoise, Atlas, Golem, most of the Zodiacs, Castle, Crownprince, Chess, all of the metal (Darksteel, Mech, Cyber, Chrome, Gadget), and Neon. I just got my first ever Porcelain.