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  • Third kitchen

    208 66.88%
  • Permanent short adventures

    172 55.31%
  • Cabbage recipes

    81 26.05%
  • Fairy god mother

    102 32.80%
  • Elementals - pets or monsters

    71 22.83%
  • Tea - plant and recipes

    70 22.51%
  • Thief

    38 12.22%
  • Upgraded storage cellar - hold more items

    93 29.90%
  • Cherry tree

    78 25.08%
  • New gift options, eg living wood

    173 55.63%
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Thread: Castle Story Poll and Suggestion Thread: 10 March 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by katbtodd View Post
    How about change some of the stuff from the castle adventures , thinking we all have enough benches ,anvils ,pumpkin hutches, fire pits ,, am I missing any thing,,,
    Agreed. Also, enough scarecrows already...

    Why do I feel like this is beating a dead horse......
    G-E-M ... C-O-N-F-I-R-M-A-T-I-O-N ! ! ! ! ! ... Apple gives a confirmation when you go to buy gems, to make sure you really want to buy them so why can't TL give a confirmation when you use gems, to make sure you really want to use them???????

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    Thanks for the new thread. It would be nice to see the winning suggested actually implemented or at least put on the schedule for next month. Otherwise, this thread will be people just asking for stuff and getting frustrated when nothing comes of it. Say perhaps, "suggestion #5 got the most votes so it will be added next month", or whatever is reasonable for your development schedule.

    Also there are four suggestions I'd like to throw in for consideration in the next vote:

    1) A sawmill or other wood-based resource building (to balance the deep mine and even out construction materials)
    2) Expansions (personally I could care less but so many people are asking for them)
    3) Inventory improvements: sorting, better categories, alphabetizing, or something
    4) Fix the GEM TRAPS, it's discouraging people to collect gems, through both gameplay and purchasing. It's been said several times that this is DISCOURAGING PURCHASES for this game. People aren't buying gems because they can can be lost so easily to speed-ups that no one wants.

    Again, I appreciate you encouraging user input and feedback as far as new content is concerned. Thanks for keeping us involved and informed.
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    The "Castle Story Guide Wiki" at Wikia is under construction and looking for help. PM me for more info.

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    Just out of curiosity ... Do any of these polls (not sure how many there have been since I've only been playing a couple of months) actually result in anything being implemented by TL or are they posted just out of curiosity from a mod & presented merely as a topic for speculation & conversation?
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    These are some of the different player suggestions I have seen implemented:

    * Guaranteed source of glimmer dust (glimmer trove)
    * Scarecrow
    * short adventures
    * adventures using wisp lantern
    * mermaid pond
    * guaranteed sap source (sap and maple tree)
    * maple tree drop syrup
    * guaranteed red petals - red trillium
    * fortune teller
    * way to use up excess stock - trades
    * mithril source - deep mines and mithril dragon
    * dragons
    * gem items through adventures
    * more ways to get golden apples
    * more energy - increase cap, alicorns, wizard schools, trades etc
    * jeweller
    * barracks
    * increased wall limit
    * increased plot limit
    * expansions (yes we want more but they have been adding them)
    * increase level cap
    * energy reward for those who jumped levels
    * third workshop - tinkers camp
    * jousting arena
    * horse and carriage (or alicorn and carriage as it turns out)
    * unicorn (alicorn)
    * manor house
    * bat cave
    * outdoor kitchen (pergola is a bit of a stretch but it is outside and it does produce food)
    * monster lures

    So I'd say they are listening. It'd just be a matter of balancing things

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    These are my suggestions
    �� allow us to return all gifts, not just 3 a day
    �� allow us to keep Royal Points when we need to move buildings into storage
    �� another source like the deep mine to provide living wood, syrup and sap
    �� allow us to purchase gems using coin we have worked hard for, by upgrading and collecting and playing regularly
    �� a gift of gems for upgrading anything to level 5
    �� expansions are really needed, new content large and seems to be designed for upper level players who are already cramped on space
    �� while decorations are nice it would be better if they were useful, most of mine are in storage (space issue)
    �� raise limits on inventory items above 99
    �� a bakery would be a good compliment for our kitchens
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    Quote Originally Posted by sneezer_brown View Post
    These are some of the different player suggestions I have seen implemented:
    (. . . . .)
    Wow! Thx sneezer_brown ...and that's actually very reassuring!

    So in that case, here's a few more of mine lol:

    * More inexpensive "starter packs" ( got maple tree & apple tree for $1.99 when I started, saw no other bargain packs besides 85 pink rainbows that nobody needs lol)
    * Not only new items from adventures (we all have too many scarecrows, etc) but items that are FUNCTIONAL like the G dust trove or fruit trees are -- and less decorations that take up space we don't have to spare.
    * Make some of the current adventure decorations functional - pumpkin hutch drops PUMPKINS (pumpkin pie?), the campfire can COOK minimal items, etc
    * New animals (Ex. Peacock could drop pretty feathers)
    * New fruits - cherry tree was actually my idea from a previous poll as well as a pergola or trellis that drops white & red grapes, for making wine and/or jam
    * More permanent adventure options ( that last more than 1-shot deals for specific quests/goals)
    * More recipes (for said new adventures)
    * Industrial sawmill that not only spits out wood, living wood & sap but also gives wood beams & simple glue and/or even fancy beams and super glue randomly.
    * Better inventory management (how about just fixing the tabs we already have?)
    * Centaur (new character to walk the kingdom?)
    * Expansion to the coastline
    * More caravans or market orders to fill
    * Raise limit of inventory items higher than 99
    * Ability to store any item that has not received a single chop (trees, rock outcroppings, ferns, etc)!
    * A resource for fish (& caviar) - in addition to ponds/wells ... Like the stable or hatchery -- maybe a seafood market at the dock on the coast when we get there?
    * A bakery (or 2) to cook all the sweets (sugar, lemonade, cake, sundaes, ice-cream, etc)
    * Raise gift limits from 3/day to at least 5/day

    LOL, I think that's enough...for starters, lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by katbtodd View Post
    How about change some of the stuff from the castle adventures , thinking we all have enough benches ,anvils ,pumpkin hutches, fire pits ,, am I missing any thing,,,
    I would love to see a Royal Exchange Trade to get rid of unwanted decorations. I'd trade all my extra (non royal point) decorations for a trade ticket in a heartbeat.

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    I really want a white tree my kingdom would look so beautiful in white and red or pink. I think these polls help TL with new updates and stuff to put out. I love a third kitchen I hope that's coming soon, also permanent short adventures would be nice if we could send them out for some specific stuff and come back with those things: like I could send out to search the woods and bring back wood, living wood and stuff you would normally find in the woods, or like go fishing and bring back stuff that's blue. Being backed up on my kitchens has made my knights kinda chunky wandering around with nothing to do I would like to send them away even for a couple hours!!

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    Yeah, fix storage management, please. Why are there all those tabs if only the one which says "buildings" works? It is a bit cumbersome to browse through 80+ pages to find out how many milk/eggs/... I have in my storage.

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    Oh so someone actually wanted a scarecrow lol, hope he or she got as many as I have. New rewards from adventures would be great.

    Great to hear that some suggestions have been implemented. The best thing ever would be Gem Confirmation of course.


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