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  • Third kitchen

    208 66.88%
  • Permanent short adventures

    172 55.31%
  • Cabbage recipes

    81 26.05%
  • Fairy god mother

    102 32.80%
  • Elementals - pets or monsters

    71 22.83%
  • Tea - plant and recipes

    70 22.51%
  • Thief

    38 12.22%
  • Upgraded storage cellar - hold more items

    93 29.90%
  • Cherry tree

    78 25.08%
  • New gift options, eg living wood

    173 55.63%
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Thread: Castle Story Poll and Suggestion Thread: 10 March 2014

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    What I would love is to be able to set up a reminder for particular buildings when they become collectable. So per building you can tick 'remind'. It would help me collect important things, like deep mine, forge when crafting something crucial, etc. on time. I often have reminders pop up for other games when lives have refilled, that's what made me think of it.

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    I'm with you about expansion. I would love to have more room. As is there is no way you can have everything in your kingdom. I would also love to be able to trade items.❤️

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    Players have a lot of confusion and some reputation and squatting issues with multiple kingdom names that are the same. I ask TeamLava to please change kingdom names to be unique, just like Storm8 IDs are. People are already used to finding unique names.

    I'd like to see this retroactive so it is applicable to all kingdoms. Originating names can stand as is and any duplicates after that can have a number automatically added to them in the order of creation. This will greatly help us to keep our neighbors straight, avoid conflicts between neighbors mistaking posts or personae as someone else's, and keep us from getting confused when gifting. I urge you to do this.

    An additional request, please give us the option to favorite certain neighbors and sort our neighbor list by favorites. Beside each favorited neighbor's kingdom name could appear a star everywhere we see them in the game. This will also help us avoid confusion between similar sounding neighbor kingdoms.

    Thank you very much for seriously considering these requests.
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    Not currently accepting new neighbors.

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    SELECT ALL button in the neighbors menu when gifting or asking for an item!

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    Third kitchen all the way! Raising max energy for players above level 30 would be sweet. Maybe Add 3 more energy for every five levels reached after 30.

    For those of you who are constantly victim of " Gem Trap", try slowing down when you collect from your buildings. Instead of tapping excessively try to tap once wait one sec then tap again. By slowing down, I rarely have the "Gem Trap" problem anymore.
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    Hey guys all the recent off topic posts have been removed. Please continue your personal conversations via Private messages.

    This thread is for members to post what they would like to see come to their game.

    Even if you do not want the same things as others, please respect each others posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthWoodsKingdom View Post
    Agreed. Also, enough scarecrows already...

    Why do I feel like this is beating a dead horse......
    G-E-M ... C-O-N-F-I-R-M-A-T-I-O-N ! ! ! ! ! ... Apple gives a confirmation when you go to buy gems, to make sure you really want to buy them so why can't TL give a confirmation when you use gems, to make sure you really want to use them???????
    I agree- In Resturant Story & Bakery Story, when you click on something it asks "do you want to speed up with gems?" What can this not translate to CS?

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    What would the thief do? If he steals items from me, NO WAY. If he steals items from other people/elsewhere, wouldn't doing business with him go against the idea that "you" have good moral standing? Even if hes a suspected thief, accepting items with questionable origins would damage your reputation. We wouldn't want to disappoint Old Thomas and the rest of our clan.

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    I agree about the gem trap !!! (Just lost 40 gems because I unintentionally bought "12 energy" twice >.<)
    Please TL, add a confirmation for the use of gems =[
    Expansion is a really good idea (I store so much things because of no enough space)
    Third kitchen !!!!!!!!!!! I agree !!!!!
    But no more recipe for the kitchen ! We need the third kitchen because there are too much things we need to cook/bake. If you do, we soon gonna ask a fourth kitchen !
    The storage cellar is poorly organized. An upgrade will be good.
    And also, for the things we get from adventures, please, just stop overgrown bench ! Honestly, it's useless (it's nice but no space either).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShibuyaCloth View Post
    I voted for a "Third kitchen", however I would prefer to have a "Bakery" like what the Tinker Camp is for the Workshops. The bakery would have a specific subset of the kitchen:

    + Flour
    + Sugar
    + Bread
    + Syrup
    + Ice Cream
    + Chocolate
    + Royal Sundae
    + Sweet Feast
    + Cake
    + Lemonade
    + Orange Cobbler
    + Apple Pie
    + Breakfast Buffet

    On top of that it would be cool if we could make bulk production. Like 5 in one shot but with the equivalent amount of ingredients. Eventually with a small time discount like 5 items for the equivalent of 4. Thus a 5 flower would take 25 wheat but done in 2 hours instead of 2 1/2 hours.

    Yes!! I'm among those who have suggested this before. I was thinking in terms of a bakery as well.

    Tea please! And yes, all the cabbage does is take up space in my inventory until the occasional goal needing it arises. Sauerkraut, anyone? We might need a salt block and some mason jars...

    I have managed thus far to avoid the gem traps by restricting in-app purchases on my phone and forgetting the password. However, if I do remember it (or reset my phone), I'm gonna be needing that confirmation button!

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