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Thread: Thoughts about update day....

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    Quote Originally Posted by infinitelove19 View Post
    Do we have any information about what today's update is? I'm guessing it might be a time limited St. Patrick's Event, although that might come out next week.

    I just had my twelve hour buildings come due & am debating waiting on collections in case they might be requred in whatever gets released... and then Pigglesworth drops 30 energy. LOL, it figures!!!

    Step away from the keyboard, every time I collected from that type of building, it was immediately needed in the quest.

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    Breaking News: This just in. We have received confirmed reports of each step of the update. Insiders say this is possibly the fastest confirmation ever.

    Reporter maguar signing off
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    Lol! Great job, Reporter maguar! Take a break at the tavern. You deserve it

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