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Thread: Best Food for xp and Best Food for coins?

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    Best Food for xp and Best Food for coins?

    Is it Blueberry Buckle and Red Velvet Cake?

    Also what is the fastest way to earn gems besides buying them?

    And what happened to the level 100 people? I have a couple as neighbors and they have been full for weeks! Did they all decide to quit all at the same time?

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    There's only 1 other way 2 earn gems and that's by mastering recipes. Each recipe that u master will earn u 2 gems.
    Now occasionally at least on a Apple devices there's the opportunity 2 earn gems by downloading other TL games and completing certain tasks and being rewarded 4 doing so. Usually this will involve installing and starting 2 play specified game 2 a certain lvl. Then upon reaching said lvl u end up being told 2 do something "silly" like buying a chair or table, or at times serving a recipe. The game will then continue on and every so often after reaching a certain lvl ull b rewarded again. This continues on until unusually lvl 16 and the rewards stop.
    Those r the only 2 ways I know 2 gain gems without buying them.
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    Best food for xp is not blueberry buckle, though it gives the most xp per serving.
    It's only 303 xp for 22 hours.

    You tend to get more xp the more you cook. So you should look at the shorter time recipes.
    Making brownies would yield the best xp since it's 1 minute for 4 xp, so in 1 hour can you make roughly 240 xp if you cook it every time it finishes.
    However, spamming brownies is not that practical in my opinion, so I would just cook Jasmine Tea (84 xp per hour), which is still pretty good.

    You can look at this chart to compare different recipes.

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