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I play on a android I started playing last August I was helping my neice set up bakery I noticed there was a differences in them she had some Valentines stuff I didn't have and Christmas stuff too like shamrock chair and oven and mothers day oven,a rose petal cake ,and a few other thing too just wondering if anyone else noticed and what with this
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There were things released to apple users that android players never received. These "things" include decor and appliances and recipes. It caused quite a ruckus since it really was quite unfair.

Then TL, in all their brilliant genius offered special things to android users that apple users didn't get. I think this was mainly a few decoration items and I think it was done only once to placate android users for all they never received.

As you can imagine, that also caused quite a ruckus.

Never once in all the ruckussing that went on did it occur to the developers that all items could be released to both platforms. That idea never dawned until some time later when different versions of the game would be released for android players when there were updates. Now it would appear that both platforms get all the same things in updates but the things released to one platform in years gone by are still unavailable for the other platform.