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Thread: Jewel mania level 214

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    Jewel mania level 214

    Hi can anybody tell me how on level 214 Jewel mania you can remove the snakes at the bottom of the screen? I have read the tips & it says you can put out the fire after removing the snakes but I cannot even get to the snakes so hence have no chance with the fire. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks for any help you can give

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    you need to try to make vertical blasters to blast downwards. you can also try combining a blaster with a bomb (if you get lucky) or a diamond with the snake head colour or a blaster (if you get really really lucky). it's hard to plan to make these though since there are so many walls. i would recommend just swapping as fast as you can unless you can make one of these special gems. if you really want to maximise your chances i guess you can also just refresh the board until you can make a vertical blaster/bomb on your first move.

    this level is pretty tough but i'm sure you'll get past it good luck!!

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    You can also keep refreshing the board (as long as you don't make a move it wont cost energy) until the snake heads are the same color so that if you get a diamond it could take both out. If you get really lucky you could try a diamond and blaster combo. Otherwise I think ilikebeandog is right that you'll just have to keep swapping fast. Sometimes after playing a bunch of times you just a get a lucky board, so I hope that happens for you!

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    Good luck on 214, that was a tough one. I got so frustrated, had to take a break. Came back & passed in under 50 seconds, lol! Another player had a similar experience. There are tips for this level on pg. 2 & several posts about it on pg. 4 of the Misty Mountain thread (for levels 211 - 216.) If you need help on other Misty Mountain levels, that's the best place to check (or ask, if you need additional tips, clarification, etc.) Good luck!

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