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Thread: Can't install the games that the Goals suggest

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    Unhappy Can't install the games that the Goals suggest

    Everytime I try to start on one of the Goals that need me to install a game, as soon as I press the Install button the game closes down (crashes) and I cannot go on with the goal.. I have tried reinstalling the game and restarting, and nothing works. Thankful for any help I can get.

    I have an iOs version 7.0.5
    game version 1.0.7

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    Have you tried updating your IOS version on your device?
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    Please also let us know which game you're attempting to install when your game crashes.

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    I have had the same problem!!
    I have even emailed storm8 support several times! I have done every single thing they have told me, but nothing works!!
    The only difference is that I have IOS 7.1.1

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