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Thread: You know you're addicted to Bakery Story when....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericasweets24 View Post
    Take your device to work so your food doesn't spoil
    I do this too!

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    You know you're addicted to Bakery Story when . . .

    you go to a real life bakery and spend all your time quietly criticizing all of the decor.

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    While playing the actual game u keep returning 2 the forums 2 c what others have 2 say on cooking. the various threads. U gotta do something while ur food is cooking, don't u?

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    When...I buy an iPad for the sole purpose of playing bakery story better.

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    *When you own 12 shop total in BS, RS, and FS and you need a dry erase board to keep track of the time each shop is done cooking or the fashion order is ready.
    *When you look forward to getting your child their own tablet so you can install one of the games so you have a new ID
    *Your cooking times are set around the day you are going to have, meaning busy or free day.
    *The best one for me is, "I have yada yada minutes to clean until my next order or cooked item is ready.

    The sad part is, I could go on and on

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    When you walk in to an actual real life place to eat and frown for a split second as you watch two people sitting down at the same table at the same time.
    "No, no, it's glitching, oh wait..."

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    You pester your friends and family to let you borrow their iOS devices so you can log into them and buy the content android devices don't have.

    You pester your friends and family to create their own bakery and talk to them more through wall posts than you do in person.

    You take your device EVERYWHERE you go, hoping against hope you will find Wi-Fi so you can keep up with your bakery.

    You try to bake the desserts in real life.

    Wednesday suddenly becomes your favorite day of the week because of new updates.

    You count down the seconds until the food is done as though you're welcoming the new year.

    You suddenly find yourself buying a VERY colorful shirt that has donuts printed on it, even though your wardrobe consists of only black, black, and more black. You just wanted it because it reminds you of Bakery Story.

    You find yourself wearing said donut print shirt to teach your FITNESS CLASS so you can stay close to your beloved game even when your job tries to keep you apart.

    My name is Zelda, and I am addicted to Bakery Story.

    ...and i'm not the least bit ashamed or sorry about it lol.
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    Been playing since 2010...I fall into many of these categories!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CuddlyDragon View Post
    ... you wake up in the middle of the night because your food is done. ><
    Lord knows I do this! kaykee69. ID

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoiledSnake View Post
    Finish the sentence in the title :-)
    ... you always calculate your remaining amount of food to plan for your baking.

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