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Thread: Valentine's Day Edition doesn't work

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    Valentine's Day Edition doesn't work

    I downloaded the new V-day edition. It took a very long time to install, longer than what I think is normal. I clicked on the special V-day case once it completed and, like all other cases, I had to wait for it to download. However many minutes passed and the download remained 0% complete. I know nothing is wrong with my internet, all other apps and services work fine on my phone.

    I deleted the app, restarted my phone, and attempted to DL the app again however it would not. Every time I try I get this pop-up:

    Unable to Download App
    "Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes Valentine's" could not be downloaded at this time.

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    This could be a temporary issue with Apple's servers. Can you try again and see if you continue to get this error?

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    I have a similar issue. I downloaded it and it didn't show up anywhere. When I went back in to download again, when I tapped on it, it didn't do anything. The prompt to download it for rewards disappeared from all my other games. Oh well. Guess I missed out on this one.

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    I completed the "valentine" case, but did get the gold for "complete seven levels". I'm on case six for the main game and I earned nine stars for the scenes in the valentine edition. So, what exactly are the seven levels needed to get the reward?

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