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Thread: Is Mother's Day Dinner worth the gems?

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    Is Mother's Day Dinner worth the gems?

    Is it? Does anyone know?

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    I have it and it's beautiful. Great if you like to decorate with an outdoor setting.

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    I think it is worth it. It costs less gems than the other big displays, and it's detailed and very pretty.

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    I like it and I think works great most of the year if you have an outdoor area I like to have bakery-related displays or like this one with people eating, than some very unrealistic like the pirates one.

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    I have it in storage. I accidentally bought it when my phone slipped from my hands. I was only trying to look at it closer and blam, there it is purchased. It is pretty, but none of my current decor matches. Maybe some day I'll use it because it really is pretty.

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