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Thread: Bakery Story: February 2014

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    add me please, sparklepony79

    also play dragon story, restaurant story & fashion story

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    Feb 2014
    Please add me for bakery story ID: diahnam

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    My id is thereading feel free to add ... I am very generous with gifts tips and parts

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    Oct 2012
    My iPod was stolen and it took me six months to save up for a replacement. I was able to get my game back, but I lost most of my neighbors in the time I couldn't play (rightfully). It would be awesome to have some new people to go visit. My ID is hmgdanielson .

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    Please add EvelCat (Android, level 74) and / or KitchenRat (iOS, level 71)

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    add me please ginawinfree daily player

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    Feb 2014
    Add bektastik. Experienced player starting over on a new device. Thanks!

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    daily player

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    Daily players, theaquafairy and blackkitsue, tip and gift daily.

    I am an experienced player (I was lvl 97) restarting on a new device and showing my friend the ropes. We also play Fashion, Restaurant, Dragon, and Farm.

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    Nov 2012
    Oklahoma, USA
    Feel free to add me, my id is Penguin302010

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