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Thread: Restaurant Story: February 2014

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    daily player at bakery and restaurant: Falconera

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    Nov 2011
    Please add Tammybfarm

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    Need neighbors who send materials daily (instead of food) And respond to material requests daily.
    I will do the same of course.
    My ID is Avenuez

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    Jul 2013
    Please add deedzi

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    Feb 2014
    Pls add palace247 as I can't write this ID on walls! Don't know why
    On fashion and bakery too
    Problem resolved
    My storm ID is now been changed to
    Slsstores please add me
    Last edited by Slsstores; 02-15-14 at 04:26 AM.

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    please add: jayydogg

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    Add me: vikylik

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    Jun 2011

    In need of neighbors after a long absence.

    I stopped playing the games around this time last year so I only have a few neighbors listed and I'm sure some of those aren't active anymore.
    My ID is xSnowyOwlx and I play daily and as soon as I get some neighbors I can tip and gift daily. I'll respond to material requests and just let me know if you want only specific gifts.
    I'm only on Bakery and Restaurant for now, I'll add more games as I go.

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    Daily but low key player (I'm good with materials requests but not on tips) ID: moreotter Thanks!

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    Add me : Kerrie1988

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