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Thread: Faeire Respite graphic glitch

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    Faeire Respite graphic glitch

    When the Faeire Respite is ready for collection and you tap on it, the graphic goes slightly transparent like other buildings do. As you collect and the graphic reverts, it shifts position slightly. Mine isn't ready to collect just yet so I can't verify exactly when it shifts, but it's definitely noticeable, and no other buildings do this when collecting.

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    I just collected from mine and did not see any shifting.
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    I just collected again, there was still something there, but it wasn't as bad as I had seen it previously. Normally I tap on a bunch of buildings to collect so I'm not always staring right at it, today I was watching more closely. There was a definite shift after the collection happened, down and to the left. I'm going to need to watch again next time to see it again. Playing on an iPad if that makes a difference.

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    We'll look into this, thanks.
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    We won't be changing this at the moment but we have forwarded this to the development team. Thank you for reporting this!

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