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Thread: PierQ from level 500

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    PierQ from level 500

    Did anyone pass it ?!?!

    Really few moves, doom gems comes with only 7 moves !!!

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    ok passed with extra 19 moves.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hint: use only blaster+bomb combo or diamond+blaster. do not hope to pass it elseway

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    Yay--Glad you passed! I was so excited to be up to level 500--when I was back on level 40-something, I'd never have believed!

    The best place to check for tips or ask questions about a level is in the thread created for its island (Penguin Paradise for level 500.) The forum "rules" ask us to do a search before starting a new thread (so there aren't a bunch of duplicates.) But for levels, it's even easier--just check the Jewel Mania Regions Master thread on page 1 of this forum. There's links to all existing island threads. So post at Penguin Paradise if you have other questions/tips for levels 499 - 504. Then others can easily find and/or respond to your posts...

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