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Thread: Who is the next great Baker - Bakery Story Style! - Friendly Competition!

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    Lightbulb Who is the next great Baker - Bakery Story Style! - Friendly Competition!

    Dear Bakers,

    I had an idea. In a lot of games people are suppose to form groups/alliances. They can compete with eachother. Mostly this is to due with wars. However, why not make it a fun and exciting part of Bakery Story?

    We have goals, you can finish them personally and you will be rewarded with coins, exp. and gems. But how cool would it be to introcuce challenges. For exampel:

    For the next 8 hours: The one who serves the most muffins wins. You will have a top 100 list that is updated every 10 min or so. And when you win you get a free mystery box or something. And the rest in the top 5 get a item worth 5 gems.

    You have neighbors now in the neighborhoud. However you can also introduce like a city (max 20 neighbors who form a team). This way you can enter team challanges!!!

    It is fun for the daily players, and the players who are new (everyone can enter) and there is a new challange for the level 99 players.
    For TL it is a good thing too.

    I would say: win win situation!

    But please be carefull TL: this is supposed to be fun and a nice addition. Do not make it revolve around winning. People want to play this game on their own time as well.

    Please let me know what you think! And share your improvement on this idea!!!
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    I like the idea of forming teams to reach goals!

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    This sounds great!

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