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Thread: Every base is 40 or zero trophies

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    Every base is 40 or zero trophies

    What is up with the matchmaking all I get is zero cup bases (very low level with nothing worth raiding) or 40 cup bases (normally to high level for me to realistically attack).

    I have tried 700-1200 and it's been the same. I know there are other players in this range (I would think its quite common actually) so why am I only being matched against people way low or way higher.

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    Are you still encountering this issue? We've been able to get various other possible Crown rewards.

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    This bug happens every day. It is so annoying. I just got paired with a level 1 player who offered 54 gold and 54 spellstones. Ridiculous!

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    Seems to come and go now

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    still happening to me. I'm level 41 and I get matched with level 17 or level 70 kingdoms!

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    I got matched with a level 71 with max defenses
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    I'm Lvl 71 but not maxed and cannot beat axed bases. I get all or nothing options for attack. 0 crowns or 35-39 crowns for bases I cannot beat. This games is getting more and more irrational and less fun every week.

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    Same here...I get matched with a player about 20 levels lower, then get matched with a player about 20 levels higher.

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