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Thread: Castle Story: Update 01/16/2014 Pet Skunkupine

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    Quote Originally Posted by girufel View Post
    How many gave rat tails? Mine are always tail-less.
    Not sure the drop rate. I ended up purchasing the Faerie Skunkhouse with gems from playing other games. By collecting regularly from it, I'm maxed out on rat tails. The house is only a 1x1 so I like that it doesn't take up much space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikado86 View Post
    A friendly skunkupine
    Find a friendly skunkupine 0/20 (defeat 20 regular skunkupines)

    Really Didn't mean to
    Ask Old Thomas 0/1
    Ask the Actors 0/1 (visit theater)
    Ask the Stable Masters 0/1
    Ask the Hatchery 0/1
    Ask the Librarians 0/1
    Ask the Merchants 0/1

    How can you be so heartless?
    Offer 500,000 coins 0/1 (pay 500,000 coins)

    A Thurston Foundation
    Virit Thurston 0/3

    Daddy Thurston
    Give some Water 0/60
    Give some Milk 0/30
    Give some Mushrooms 0/60
    Give some Apples 0/30
    Give some Oranges 0/30
    Give some Wool 0/30

    Obedience Training
    Give some Hide 0/60
    Give some Jewels 0/20
    Give some Ore 0/40
    Give some Enchanter's Essence 0/3
    Train Baby Skunkupine 0/1 (Visit Conservatory)

    Gnawed Out
    Check the Wheat Fields 0/50 (Collect from Wheat Fields)
    Check the Flowers 0/50 (Collect from Flowers)
    Check the Aspen Trees 0/25 (Chop from trees)

    You can't sit with us
    Ask the Neighbors for Ointment 0/50 (ask neighbors)

    A spoonful of Syrup
    Give Syrup 0/10
    Give Strawberries 0/50
    Give Magic Fruit 0/10

    Young, Wild, and Free
    Party at the Tavern 0/2 (Visit Tavern)

    After all this you get a brown/white skunkupine, works like a farm animal, collecting from him is 4 hours colddown and drops things like sugar canes, corn, rat tails, etc
    Seriously? Half a million coin + bunch of materials ... for a skunk...?! And all it seems to drop is rat tail..for that price it should drop thousand of coins+Jewels+ rat tail and much more.
    I think this goal is placed on the bench for a very loong time in my realm.
    It takes me about a month to save up half a mill. I'll rather use it to expand than for a very expensive skunk. Im stunned.

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