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Thread: Questions and feedback- industry building limits, goals, gifting

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    Question Questions and feedback- industry building limits, goals, gifting


    I have been playing nearly all of your games for the past few months. All in all I really enjoy them; however, I have hit a frustrating place in City Story Metro.

    1- I am level 39. I have recently added several new businesses to my growing city. The problem is that I am at my industry building limit, yet I rarely am able to supply even half of buildings at a time, even after setting 8-12 hours contracts at bedtime for me to pick up the next morning. I would like to be able to supply a majority of my businesses after that amount of time. I have been stuck for quite a while and would like to know when I will be able to add more industry.

    2- Goals- I know you all are aware that many of us really would love more goals. They keep the game more fun and interesting. Goals with gem rewards would be fantastic as well. Oh, I don't mean more "download and play this game" type goals... I like the funny like story lines that other games have.

    3- wonders section- wish there were many more items in this section and also wish that they would be a range of prices with some of them a little easier to attain.

    4- I play a competing "mega" city building game that has new game areas such as the Rocky Mountains, tourism island, and more. I have been able to purchase these new areas without spending any real dollars (although that is an option), and I have also been able to add buildings to all my city areas that look like well known architecture from around the world. Would love it if you would include that also.

    5-community buildings- would be nice if some of the "buildable" community buildings required a few less items.

    6- gifts- would be great to send and receive gifts like I can on your other games.

    I will greatly appreciate it if any of you from teamlava take the time to read this. Like I said, I do love your games, and want to keep playing city story.

    Thank you!


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    I was going to write something but JuliaLeaFarms covered it. So...ditto

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