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    Little button

    Hi, Teamlava administrarion.
    Could you please make the button 'buy' smaller. Cause when I try to buy a floor or something else that is very small, I can`t see what exactly this thing looks like because the big button doesn`t allow to see the full item.
    Thank you

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    I totally agree with that. The button either needs to be smaller or farther away from the item you're trying to see.

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    Yes, yes, totally agree. I'm getting ready to work on redesigning my shop for Spring and I need to be able to lay flooring, etc. out next to each other for comparison. If I'm in an "either/or" design dilemma I'll go with the one that doesn't cost gems if the picture isn't big enough to see clearly. I don't spend/waste gems to "get a better look" anymore. Figure if TL's "buy" blocks it out it must not be too impressive to the naked eye when placed, either. Like any consumer. ..I want to "eye before I buy"!

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    I agree! I hate that you just have to guess at what it will look like!

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