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Thread: No update Again this week?

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    Angry No update Again this week?

    I'm increasingly getting More frustrated with this game. It's almost like you guys have "left us in the wings". No Christmas update until the week before Christmas, no update At All Christmas week and No Update At All this week 😞😞😞😞 Please explain Lavas reasons why this is going on. My home 🆔 is asfisha and I'm at level 100. Have also mentioned this before with NO replies. 😢 I've also spent quite a bit on this game, am am ready to sell me house lol. I just Love design and will be devastated if it "goes away" or if you guys keep treating us like the red-headed step-child. Please fix ASAP!!

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    I agree!! I am also level 100 and given all of last years holiday goodies this year has been EXTREMELY disappointing! We haven't had any new goals in MONTHS. It's getting hard to continue to support this game.

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    Just crazy bad business style that's for Sure! Grrrrrrrrr

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    I agree we need new stuff

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    I must agree as well. No updates, no new items for holidays, and I don't even think I saw many items from previous holidays. I wanted to get a previous Xmas item for Xmas but I couldn't find it in the store anywhere. You should put more time into each game made by team lava not just more popular games like fashion story.

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    Is this game for Android users?
    Apple. Random? I think not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RougeDeLuxe View Post
    Is this game for Android users?
    No it's not

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    Team Lava would you please reply to this thread? The loyal players of your game who support this application deserve to know why updates are not forthcoming regularly, as well as the future of this beloved game. Can you please comment?

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