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Thread: Hidden Objects - Basics

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    Hidden Objects - Basics

    This is intended as a very basic instruction for this game.

    In the home screen you will see the cases that you can select. You will not be able to move onto a new one until you have solved your current one.

    Up the top you will see your gem and energy count. It takes 30 energy to play each time. Energy regenerates at a rate of 1 energy per 2 minutes.

    When you go into a case you will be able to choose a scene. The scenes will unlock as you advance in the case. You will also be able to see the number of stars you have collected in the case.

    The menu on the right hand side gives you the name of the case, the percentage solved, and a list of current goals. Clicking on the arrow will take you to the case history.

    The case history is broken into three sections: conversations, clues and forensics. As you progress in the case you will see new options. Some of the options will require stars to use. You earn stars by getting to certain point levels in each of the scenes.

    Conversations - will take you to a cut scene where your character talks with someone else.

    Clues - require you to solve them. The most common types are unscrambling pictures/documents (hint if its a picture use the border around the pic to solve it), dusting clues (for finger prints etc) and find a words. The faster you solve these the more energy you can earn.

    Forensics - these take time to run (I've seen from under a minute to an hour so far).

    When you've selected a scene you'll have the option to buy boosts before you start. You can buy:
    * Hints - when used show you where an item is hidden
    * Full combo meter - start with combo meter full (for a higher score)
    * Extra time - only for the last scene in each case

    I haven't tried the traffic cone so I don't know what it does.

    When you are in a scene you will see a list of items to find at the bottom. Each time you successfully find one the combo meter will increase. The meter will start to decrease until you find the next item. If you make a mistake the meter will automatically empty.

    When you have found all the items (or run out of time in the fourth scene) you will be scored. This is based on the score from the items (you get more points based on how full your meter is when you find each item), the time it took you and how many hints you have left.

    If you connect of Facebook you will be ranked against your friends. If you're not connected you'll be ranked against some set "people".
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    how many cases are there? I finished five, but for some reason, I can't imagine there be very many more...
    Anyway, I'm done with the goal. It got very tedious at times and the wait between each time I can play is bit too long for it to be fun. This game was more entertaining in the beginning, but got annoying between all the waiting. The lines are kind of cheesy, but it was kind of fun guessing the criminal in between plots.

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