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Thread: Battle Tournament : Warden Dragon (IOS)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cakeandpie View Post
    I got a .99 cent value pack when I was high level--can't remember what level, but I know for sure it was above 110 and I think I was in the 120's. (I don't keep track of what level I am because it's so high it doesn't matter for anything anymore.) It was a great pack: Clockwork, 3000 apples, and 20 gold. It's the only time I ever spent money on this game but I wanted to encourage them to offer more good deals like that.
    Speaking for someone who does not buy gold and will not in the future. I would be interested in .99 cent value pack if it was worth it. Every one has 99 cents laying around here and there. But I have not bought anything other than the one .99 cent pack I got a long time ago. I can't even remember the dragon but at the time the silver coins and apples were enticing. Now the only thing my dragons long for is food. I can not make it fast enough. I would really love another option that makes more food faster and I would be willing to spend more silver coins on it per harvest.

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    I used warden on a battle and got pawned by life. The heck ::3

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