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Thread: Castle Story: 12/19/2013 Update -Reindeer Stable

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    Post Castle Story: 12/19/2013 Update -Reindeer Stable

    Hi All,

    The Holidays are nearing! Here is this week's update.

    1) Reindeer Stable Limited Time Quest (Starts 12/19/2013 for players level 22+)
    Complete this quest line to have your very own Reindeer pet!

    Reindeers are considered very special animals in Polaris. Wouldn't it be festive to have a Reindeer in the Kingdom as well?
    Write letters to the Stable Master to convince him that you'll shower your Reindeer with love and affection! If you persuade him enough, he'll send you things you'll need to care for a reindeer!
    (At Level 5, chance drops of Sugar, Ice Cream, Fur, and Faerie Jars)

    2) Your Kingdom is bustling now that you have a fully built Kingdom Inn! Visit the Inn when you can to chat with the Polarians, they may support your cause for a pet Reindeer!
    (Kingdom Inn Level 5 may drop items that aid in constructing the Reindeer Stable)

    3) The glow-y visitors will make a short appearance in this week's seasonal quest.
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    Edit (KP)
    Paying gems to buy the reindeer stable, harvest pergola or kingdom inn gives you the fully upgraded one. Paying gems to buy the glimmerbat habitat gives you the un upgraded habitat but you do get the quests to get the parts.

    Quote Originally Posted by PikaSquirrel View Post
    Yup! If you buy it now with Gems, it will come fully built.

    The Reindeer Stable was available to purchase with Coins and the items required to build it were free for a limited time through Goals. Now that Goals have expired, you cannot obtain these items for free anymore. Players who purchase this building after the Goals have expired will not have the option to purchase the building with Coins and will need to use Gems. However, the building will be fully built when they buy it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aggwynn View Post
    You can acquire the Polarian Planks, Forever Snow, and the Reindeer at the Royal Exchange =)

    Quote Originally Posted by kooky panda View Post
    I did find out that the Magic Fruit can also be picked up from any of the three Christmas trees.
    Forever snow
    10 living wood
    30 glimmer dust
    40 mushrooms

    And it takes 12 hours


    1 Lumin Essence
    2 Enchanter's Essence
    6 Troll Essence

    Quote Originally Posted by sabrinashal View Post

    Reindeer stable $10,000

    Building requirements

    99x wheat
    2x Builder's paste
    4x Royal blocks
    4x Royal beams

    Upgrade Reiner Stables to Lv.2

    3x Architec's Paste
    4x Enchanted Block
    60x Water
    10x Polarian Planks (Royal Exchange & Kingdom Inn)

    Exchange Polarian Planks

    1x Lumin Essence
    3x Enchanter's Essence
    6x Troll Essence

    12 hours, multiple planks on completion


    - Royal Exchange gives 4-5 Polarian Planks
    - Kingdom Inn gives only 1 Polarian Plank

    if you got the parts you can get 10 Polarian Planks in 24 hours


    Upgrade Reiner Stables to Lv.3

    50x Forever Snow (Royal Exchange)
    50x Iron Ore
    5x Enchanted Block
    5x Enchanted Beam

    Exchange Forever Snow

    10x Living Wood
    30x Glimmerdust
    50x Mushrooms

    12 hours, multiple snow's on completion

    Upgrade Reiner Stables to Lv.4

    10x Polarian Lichen (Royal Exchange)
    10x Apple
    60x Carrots
    60x Cabbage

    Exchange Polarian Lichen

    5x Magic Fruit
    30x Glimmerbulb
    20x Truffle

    12 hours, multiple lichen's on completion

    Upgrade Reiner Stables to Lv.5

    1x Reindeer (Royal Exchange)
    5x Blue dye
    5x Red dye
    5x Faery Jar

    Exchange Reindeer

    2x Hearty Feast
    2x Spicy Feast
    9999x Coins

    12 hours, single reindeer on completion

    Fairy Magic
    Clean the Reindeer stables (0/2)

    Visit the building 2 times
    16 hours cold down, gives Ice Cream, sugar and possibly other sweet/cold items on completion

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    i don't see it yet

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    Nor me

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    maybe Aggwynn posted too soon? lol

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    This will be out soon, hasn't been released yet
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    Quote Originally Posted by PikaSquirrel View Post
    This will be out soon, hasn't been released yet
    come'on i been waiting for hours now ...

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    Another adventure based quest line?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vednir View Post
    Another adventure based quest line?
    i more concerned about the time limit then adventure based quest line

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    Has anyone else noticed the level icon appears to have a "50" in it before reverting to your current level upon loading the game? I don't remember whether it used to be higher but perhaps the new level maximum will be 50 soonish?

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