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Thread: Level 97 seems like mission impossible

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    Level 97 seems like mission impossible

    Somebody please help I can't pass level 97. What's the secret?

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    On level 97, make sure you only play boards that have plenty of visible orange candy matches as your 1st, 2nd, etc. moves. Preferably orange matches between 2 Gobblers, so you can stun/take them off the board. If you don't have lots of orange candies/matches, then hit pause, then the back arrow, to restart the level. No use wasting a few moves on non-orange candies, and it doesn't use an energy as long as you don't touch anything. With this level, it's important to knock out the Gobblers before they eat all the orange candies, but you don't want to waste too many moves on them (that aren't capturing orange candies at the same time.) Eventually, you'll get a lucky board that let's you take out most Gobblers with orange candy matches (2 birds, 1 stone kinda thing!) The high candy # requirement means you'll need to make lots of 4 & 5 candy matches...creating things like Candy Scoops (try to use on orange candies, although using it on other candies can be helpful, too--takes the other color off the board, and often lines up more orange matches, and drops-in new orange candies...) Also try to create lots of Sugar Blasts--keep an eye out for the "T" & "L" patterns--these are great to take out high number orange candies with no matches nearby, or just getting rid of other non-target color candies & Gobblers. Ooops, gotta go. I'll add more (with screenshot) in a bit. Best of luck!

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