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Thread: Restaurant Update 12-11-13 Sleigh Crate Chest

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    Restaurant Update 12-11-13 Sleigh Crate Chest


    Goal Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by igames4me View Post
    cocoa maker 5 motor 5 red gear

    1st Place Elf Workshop

    Quote Originally Posted by jjfire73 View Post
    Just won 1st place item!

    Quote Originally Posted by jjfire73 View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by applesauce510 View Post
    2nd place reindeer stable
    Quote Originally Posted by applesauce510 View Post

    3rd place and 4th place reindeer

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    I am new to this forum business so please forgive any faux pas, I have searched and searched but can't find anything relating to new holiday goals for Restaurant Story. Are they coming soon? Is there a bug/glitch? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you.

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    I'm really hoping for christmas goals and really cute decor.

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    How can i retrieve my old account on my new phone someone please help me my food is burning

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    I just want my Christmas Version pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! If ios doesn't get any other versions this entire next year just please give us the Christmas one. I can't even think of the last new version that we did have. But it's been a long while.

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    I am looking forward to our update this week (Christmas goals?!?) but I am crossing my fingers that the issue with the maintenance update that eliminated our ability to switch back and forth from accounts on the same device gets addressed and fixed before the potential goals come out! Team Lava, please help those of us who are locked out!!

    Anxiously waiting...

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    We need some new recipes. It is nice that the steaks do not collect flies, but it is boring to fill the tables with steak only....

    New Christmas decor will allow spending of the 248 stored gems and 28,348,675 banked.....

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    There was new recipes last week. holiday tree cupcakes and holiday light cookies I do hope we get Christmas goals this week.

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    send request via email to they will walk you through. They did it for me and it only took about three days. You will need to open a new restaurant with a new id. Give them name of the game, your restaurant names, old and new and your new and old storm ID. They are really nice.

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    Please consider some things may be out of TL 's control, particularly in iOS releases. App review updates people....they. Go through a review process that at times may not be within TL's cycles.

    Just sayin....

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