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  • Third kitchen

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  • Petal trade

    85 27.96%
  • Item drops from Sabine's House

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  • Caravan Outpost - can trigger caravan quests for random rewards

    96 31.58%
  • Lost and found office - characters report lost items and reward for finding them

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Thread: Castle: Poll and Suggestion Thread - 9 December 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by CLOVERKAITO View Post
    I love the idea of using the Marketplace (just like Farm Story 2) to sell items that I don't need! I always have excess Truffles that I max out over 99 all the time (not having enough bacon, sadly, to use the kitchen to get rid of them at times) and I would love to sell half of them off to the people who need it. My Sir Piggleworth always drops Truffles and I have no use for them whatsoever... On the other hand, I'm always short on saps, and I would love to buy them.

    Improved item drop for the Sawmill would be nice. Having it at level 4 but not dropping more saps is kinda annoying... Or add a sap tree that we can grow with guaranteed saps drop per chop.

    Adding queue to the kitchen/workshop/potion shop would be nice as well.
    Good for us, but not so from TL perspective bcs chances of people being pressed to purchase with gems will reduce!
    But then, if it is possible for Farm Story, why it can't happen here?
    People that won't purchase won't after all. See how many time quests remain unfinished in various kingdoms?

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    I really enjoyed the Fortune Teller riddle quests, and would love to see more of them.

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    To Oaktree Manor. I lost 200 gems when I claimed energy from sweepstake which I did not enter but had to click. I suggest a bank like a caravan to store gems until I want to spend them. Gem loss seems to be the biggest gripe with this game.

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    I didn't check through all of the pages, but I wouldn't mind seeing another Tabernum shard to combine Mithril and Fey Crystals (or some other combination) to create Adamant. I just checked my inventory and noticed I'm approaching 50 Mithril, so just saying...

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    Things I've wanted to see for a while:

    1.) Inventory that actually sorted by tabs usefully (Quest items, Crops, etc.)
    2.) All the tabs getting used for buildings, inventory, etc.
    3.) Another shard quest or two (like 10x Mithril -> 1x Adamant.)
    4.) Being able to put a down payment of gems for a single item. Once spent, they can't be "unspent" but if you have something you want and are worried about gem traps (like I've been suffering all too much and too long); it would be nice to dedicate them to that one item that requires gems to buy. Myself, I want a barracks next. I'd like to take all the gems I have right now and dump them into the 'Barracks' pool. I'll keep doing that until I get the Barracks.
    5.) I'd like to be able to gift 3 people, and in additional, also GIFT BACK another 5 or so people. I have 433 neighbors. Gifting only 3 people per day is, well, less than 1% of my neighbors.

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    Can we please have the option to give our neighbours excess stock from our inventory I know I'm always maxed out on truffles and prime cuts, which I know some people could use and I have 10 apple trees of which only 3 are in my kingdom and are purely for decoration as I'm maxed out on apples too. And don't even get me started on mushroom circles I have over 70 of those. Also a Deep Mine equivalent for sap and wood eg Super Sawmill would be fantastic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petasos View Post
    Additional shard(s) which will allow for increased drop rate of tree and/or stones. Much like the Aquifer shard you would get more sap and living wood and/or iron, mithril, jewels, silver etc...

    Also a 1/3 energy return on tree and/or stone taps would be cool as well.

    My gripe would mostly be about sap. As it is used in more crafting areas then any other resource (maybe not water but it has a shard) it is difficult to keep stocked. So a shard which helps that would be awesome. I am not as concerned with stone products as I have 4 mines to draw from. Sap is another story.
    I totally agree. We need another type of mill or a syrup tap to acquire more sap at an accelerated pace. So much is needed and it's very difficult to grow and chop enough trees or collect enough from the two mills to build or upgrade everything.

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    I really would like to be able to zoom or pan out further to see all of my kingdom. Please TL, make this available soon, pretty please!?.

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    Here are some ideas: Hunting lodge, maypole, horse and cart, haystacks, dressmaker/tailor, pheasants and ducks, counting house, candle maker, hot spring & bath house, catapult, armory, soap maker, maze.

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    And maybe some kinda exercise lodge for all the overweight knights after sweet feasts & holiday feasts with the gingerbread men & cocoa.

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