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  • Third kitchen

    193 63.49%
  • Petal trade

    85 27.96%
  • Item drops from Sabine's House

    132 43.42%
  • Caravan Outpost - can trigger caravan quests for random rewards

    96 31.58%
  • Lost and found office - characters report lost items and reward for finding them

    114 37.50%
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Thread: Castle: Poll and Suggestion Thread - 9 December 2013

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    Castle: Poll and Suggestion Thread - 9 December 2013

    Is there an item/building or decoration missing? Add your suggestion here. It might be included in the next poll in two weeks time. Please give me plenty of these suggestions so I've got lots of options to choose from for the next poll.

    Just a reminder to think of upcoming holidays (Halloween is approaching).

    If you've got a gameplay suggestion you can also add it here. They will be passed along.

    There have been lots of great gameplay suggestions. Pretty please can you make sure to include suggestions for items, decorations etc as well.

    You can also add your opinion in the thread requesting more gift options or this one on gem confirmations.
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    Have a Castle Story question? Check this thread to see if it's already been answered. For reference info check here and here. Info on goals is here.

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    Hi. I was wondering what should be done with the "left overs" of special Items we collected for special quests like the hot chocolate now and many others. I have also a turkey costume which i didn't manage to put on my cow on time. Will it get stuck in my inventory forever? Maybe we could Trade them into something useful. How about giving them to Ivy so she can do some Magic and transform These Items....

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    I would like an easier way to view inventory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calipitter View Post
    I would like an easier way to view inventory.
    Agreed. I have a consumables tab that has nothing in it.

    Animals and plants being separated and under their own tab. Maybe food items and other items being separated too.

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    There should be a way for those to complete their unfinished requests.
    What's the point for them to leave half finished idle buildings in their kingdoms?
    I've seen some new neighbours starting those undertakings unaware of their limited resources and got stuck.
    There should be a way for them to complete though taking longer time maybe.
    E.g. Like requesting neighbours for surplus items similar to farm story.

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    Fifth ( or sixth) shard from Tablet statue thingy....once you get it ..( like collecting crops with 1/3 energy ).. You get 1/3 energy reduced when collecting animals

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    Agree with angela3737

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    I would like to be able to craft more things perhaps in the jewellers or Sabine could make things. Also I would like a use for glimmerbulbs.

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    Higher level stables/hatchery/mine/sawmill that have increased drops (double or more).
    Upgrade for Keep/Barracks to shorten adventure time.

    Also better inventory tabs, several have nothing listed at all. Nature (plants/animals)/Decorations/Harvested-collected items (crops/ores/woods/glimmerdust/beast droppings)/Crafted Items.

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    I wish the barracks could be for coins instead of gems and if gems not quite so many. We should all have access to do more quests since everything involves them and it takes months and months to complete them because the quests all take a day and rarely drop what we need.

    i agree about the inventory. there are categories but they don't even help! things need to be more organized. Also I really hate that we need the expansion ticket or whatever to expand. It makes it really difficult to expand and then we can't keep out a lot of our buildings out and then when a new goal comes up and we need whichever building i have to completely rearrange my kindgom then do it all over again for the next thing!

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