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Thread: Wants gifts daily? I'm adding new neighbors

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    Red face Wants gifts daily? I'm adding new neighbors

    Hey everyone! I'm adding new neighbors, if you'd like to add me my ID:shlb12 or if you'd rather me add you leave your ID below. I mostly a different part everyday, but if you need a certain gift leave your it on my wall i will be sure to accommodate (: I play daily before & after school!

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    Add Me On Bakery Story!!

    I'm a fairly new player, but highly addicted and likely to stay for quite some time - looking to help gift neighbors and provide tips on tables!!

    My Storm8 ID: BreeziiKat

    My Bakery Name: Breezii's

    Looking forward to seeing you in-game, thanks for your time!

    - Bre

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    add me Id is bestbaker828 I play everyday and will tip and gift
    Also add my sisters
    First Id is princessSania
    Second id is ml1234556
    they also play everyday and will accept material requests

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    I play Bakery Story and Restaurant Story. Please add me emilyblue81.

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    add me! (: meowwmixx
    on fashion story as well

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    Needing neighbors for Bakery Story stormID Lhayre

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    I'm kinda new to the game, but I plan to stay playing it.

    My ID is: MollyBrown0

    Bakery Name: Cherry Cafe

    I send gifts every day, I accept all requests and all neighbour requests.
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    Hey everyone!! Please add me Hpnotiq360

    I play everyday....all day and send gifts!!!

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    Wink Please add me.In need of neighbours.

    I gift daily.I play everyday.Please add me

    Bakery Name-Spandan Store
    Resturant Name-(Same as bakery)
    I play both bakery and resturant stories.

    Storm18 id-spandan 2

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    add me. storm ID nolimit909. i tip every neighbor daily

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