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Thread: Sabina's House: Ornate Blocks and Beams Disappearing?

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    Sabina's House: Ornate Blocks and Beams Disappearing?

    I've been working for quite a while on gathering the building supplies for Sabina's house. I only had a bag of Magic Cement to go, and when I double-checked the building site this morning, ALL of the ornate beams and blocks (3 each) I had previously completed were at 0. I do not think I inadvertently spent them on the upgrade of another building, or on another quest, as I can't think of anything else currently happening in my kingdom which deals in ornate beams and blocks. Although, I could be mistaken.

    Has anyone else had something like this happen?

    side note: Within the last couple of weeks, I did move my game to a new device. From what I can tell everything went smoothly. I'm pretty sure I had checked on Sabina's house since moving my game to the new device, and everything was fine. I'm not 100% certain of that, though. I cannot say exactly when the ornate blocks and beams vanished, but, I do have a habit of re-checking building requirements fairly often, so I think I would have noticed within at least a few days of the disappearance.

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