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    Has anyone else gotten frustrated over food on a counter disappearing if that counter is put into storage, even though there's a free counter available? It doesn't seem to make sense to make the food *that* counter-specific. After all, food gets switched around and grouped onto counters if there is no space to put another food item out, and the game seems pretty good at that.
    I love the Story games, but I was a little surprised to see this happen, the one time I decided to put one of my counters back into storage. I certainly am not about to test if it'll happen in RS, but seeing as how both games are very similar, I decided it'd be better to see if a fix would be in he makings for this problem. It is a very minor thing, but that it is a possibility is still a little ...worrying? (no that's not the right word...) but I'm sure TL understands.

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    Thumbs down Same here!

    Got the same problem.. Savd a lot, and now its gone, even after replacing the counters.. Damned

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    Me too. I just lost over 10,000 brownies and a few thousand cheesecakes. :/ Thanks, Bakery Story.

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    I don't think anyone with an IQ above 50 wouldn't be able to ascertain for themselves that if they placed A COUNTER WITH FOOD ON IT INTO STORAGE THEY WILL LOSE IT. -_-

    Seriously. Everyone else is reading this topic thinking "... Are peopel REALLY that dumb?"


    When was the last time you placed a food into "storage" and it was still good to eat? Hmm? And storage = stored away somewhere with, oh, furniture, decorations... it's not a fridge. BS and RS do not have fridges. Storing COUNTERS WITH FOOD ON THEM (they need to be capitalised because LOGIC is written all over them) *WILL* MAKE YOUR FOOD DISAPPEAR - FOREVER!!!

    Lesson? Have a BRAIN and DON'T store counters with food on it. -___-;

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