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Thread: Growing Wheat.

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    Growing Wheat.

    Did they increase the wait time for growing wheat? It didn't always take 2 minutes did it?
    It feels a lot longer, I thought it was 30 seconds.

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    It's been 2 minutes for as long as I've been playing (September)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mizuonna View Post
    It's been 2 minutes for as long as I've been playing (September)

    I've only been playing for a month, and I originally downloaded FarmStory Halloween. My Wheat took 30seconds my corn took 4 minutes, and my biscuits took two minutes, and I'm pretty sure my cornbread took 10 minutes.
    Now my wheat takes 2 minutes, my corn takes 4 minutes, my biscuits take 4 minutes, and my cornbread takes 20 minutes.
    As a result, the game seems a fraction as fun as it used to be, and I'm seriously considering deleting it, since obviously the game makers just deliberately made it more annoying.

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