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Thread: Question about adding neighbors.

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    Question about adding neighbors.

    Hello, I just started playing not too long ago and I have about 5 neighbors that have both requested me or accepted my requests. All of a sudden, the add neighbor button has disappeared and I am not able to add new ones, but I can still get requests. The button isn't there for any of the farms in the community I go to, even when the person has been to my farm too. Also, does anyone know why the bucket to collect from animals will sometimes stay on the screen for a while, even when there are no animals left to collect from? Thanks!

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    For the "Add Neighbor" button, you can add up to 3 neighbors through that feature. However, if you know of players' Storm8 ID, you can add as many as you want under the Invite Tab.

    In regards to the Bucket icon, you can also use the Bucket to collect from the Herb Garden, Bee Hive and Trees.

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