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Thread: New Battle Arena - Nightmare Dragon(IOS) REMOVED

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    New Battle Arena - Nightmare Dragon(IOS) REMOVED

    24 Hours

    Edit(KP) 1-25-13- You can now get this dragon from breeding for a limited time!

    Edit(KP) 1-28-13- Dragon now removed.


    Quote Originally Posted by mjauuuu View Post
    Phew! Finally done with this tourney and got the sweet nightmare on my nest. Thought I should post my results. Good luck to you guys still battling! Don't give up!

    Round 1: Fire L1 > Fireworks L10 BBB
    Round 2: Magic L1 > Magic L10 B+++
    Round 3: Coral L1 > Parakeet L10 BB++
    Round 4: Golem L2 > Aurora L10 BBB
    Round 5: Griffin L2 > Lightning L10 BB++
    Round 6: Dino L3 > Crusader L10 BB++
    Round 7: Wraith L4 > Witch L10 BB++B
    Round 8: Saturn L5 > Boo L10 B++B
    Round 9: Air L6 > Lightning L10 B+++
    Round 10: Moon L7 > Aurora L10 B++B
    Round 11: Hunter L8 > Forestfire L10 BB++
    Round 12: Aurora L9 > Four-Leaf L10 BB++
    Round 13: Sapphire L10 > Trickster L10 BBB
    Round 14: Origami L10 > Forestfire L10 BBB
    Round 15: Tiger's Eye L15 > Valkyrie L10 B+++
    Round 16: Caesar L10 > Lightning L10 B++B
    Round 17: Mirage L10 > Mirage L10 BBB
    Round 18: Quartz L12 > Raven L7 BBB
    Round 19: Pumpkin L12 > Leopard L10 BBB
    Round 20: Zombie L16 > Forestfire L10 BBB
    Round 21: Eclipse L12 > Planet L10 B+++
    Round 22: Infinity L14 > Diamond L10 B++B
    Round 23: Headless L16 > Flower L10 BBB
    Round 24: Angel L16 > Crusader L7 MMM
    Round 25: Quetzal L20 > Crusader L7 BBB
    Round 26: Troll L18 > Tusker L10 BB++
    Round 27: Leopard L18 > -Ultimate-
    Round 28: Prism L20 > Diamond L10 B++B
    Round 29: Naga L20 > Raven L7 BB++
    Round 30: Nightmare L20 > Lightning L10 B+++

    ++ = Critical hit +++ Deadly strike
    Quote Originally Posted by ca0611 View Post
    Me too. I also keep my tourney battles in notes on iPad. Post below in case u need it.
    Battle arena ------- nightmare dragon!!!!! So far -/
    Listed in () are possible fighters, listed in {} are winners by other players, in bold are what I used.❌=I lost, *?=number of tries,⭕= succeeds after failures(other players). For eg, against caesar 10, I lost ninja in first try, lost choco on 2nd try, got him on 3rd try with ninja mbb.
    Hope my chart is clear, and somehow be of help.

    1. Fire 1 ---- clown b+++
    2. Magic 1--- flower bmb
    3. Coral 1----(elf,fairy) elf b+++
    4. Golem *2 ----(alantis,aurora,mermaid) Mermaid b+++
    5. Griffin 2----(ninja,aether) ninja b++b
    6. Dino 3---(athletic,cupid,eagle) {planet b} Cupid bmb
    7. Wraith 4---(ninja,witch,zombie){passion, aurora bm++,ninja} ninja bb+b
    8. Saturn 5---(boo,hynotic ,aether aurora)({hynotic *mb} boo b+++
    9. Air 6----(choco❌*1.flower){lotus m+++} *flower b+++
    10. Moon 7---(aurora,aether) *{hynotic *mbb} aurora bbm
    11. Hunter 8---(forestfire,landworm,laser light, ninja) ninja bb++
    12. Aurora 9--- (emerald,ninja,topaz){emerald b, bm} ninja bb++
    13. Sapphire 10--- (ninja ❌*1){topaz, amethyst⭕, ninja mbm}*
    topaz b++b
    14. Origami 10---(flower,ninja){emerald, ninja m, lotus m} flower bbm
    15. Tiger's eye 15--(moon,ninja,yinyang ){Valkyrie, ninja m, lotus mmm} yinyang b+++
    16. Caesar 10 -----(ninja❌*1, bubble,choco ❌*1){Valkyrie, trickster mb} ninja mbb
    17. Mirage 10---(lightning,ninja,topaz){bat,justice mbm} lightning bm++

    18. Quartz 12 --(bigbad,lotus,niteelf){onyx, big bad mbm, lotus b}
    19. Pumpkin 12--(ninja,Valkyrie){lightning bbb, m, kaleido bbb}
    20. Zombie 16---(forestfire ,landworm, ninja){ninja bmb}
    21. Eclipse 12---(boo,aether,choco){dream}
    22. Infinity 14---(crusader,diamond)
    23. Headless 16---(flower, kitsune,lightning)
    24. Angel 16---(mercury,crusader)
    25. Quetzel 16---(crusader,infinity ,mercury)
    26. Troll 18---(forestfire,landworm,ninja)
    27. Leopard 18---(ninja,Valkyrie, aether)
    28. Prism 20---(mercury,quetzel)
    29. Naga 20---(bigbad,lotus,ninja,nite elf)
    30. Nightmare 20---(kaleido,lightning,ninja,valkyrie)
    {Ninja bb,

    Here we go again.

    Valkeryie beat fire
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    WHUUUUT?! i see it in the tournament but not in the market..

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    Yup here we go again....

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    Here we go again everyone!!

    1. Fire defeated by Fireworks 10

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    1- fire(1) defeated by Water (10) mmb++

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    BTW, I hope this tournament doesn't live up to its name, "Nightmare Tournament."

    I'm over 1,000 gold now on the way to a diamond...every tournament reminds me how much of a nightmare the diamond rounds are to get through without diamond dragons of your own!!!

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    clockwork 7 defeat fire with bash

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    Here we go I don't even have a goal for this I did my first battle like 30 minutes ago. Serpent beat fire.

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    Round 1 Epic Ninja beat Fire Lv 1, attack BM++.Good luck everyone.

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    Lvl1 fire beaten by ninja lvl8
    Gud luck everyone for the tournament 👍👍👍

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